Welcome to Westside Vets

The Westside Vets family have cared for pets in the local communities of Battersea, Clapham and Wandsworth for over 30 years. We’ve consistently provided cutting-edge veterinary care in a caring, compassionate environment. Our clients choose us for the continual high standards of personal care that we provide. 

To further develop our services, we recently joined the Vet Partners family. Their investment will help us take the standard of our care to an even higher level. It will enable us to invest, not just in more bespoke facilities, but in our staff too. More staff will provide our clients with an even greater choice of consultation times throughout the day.

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With our state-of-the-art facilities, compassionate, professional staff and unique local knowledge gained over 30 years, you can be confident that Westside Vets will provide the quality of care, now and in the future, that your family pet deserves.


Westside Pet Health Plan: an affordable way to provide your pet with the best of preventative healthcare

Our Pet Health Plan is the simple and convenient way to look after your pet’s health whilst saving money.

A healthy, happy pet needs lots of care and attention.

By spreading the cost of essential treatments for your dog and cat over 12 months, our Pet Health Plan makes pet care more affordable.

Your pet gets their annual vaccination against dangerous highly infectious diseases and protection against internal and external parasites.

To keep your pet in peak condition, we provide regular health checks with your vet, as early diagnosis of problems will help your pet to live a long, healthy life.

Plus, benefit from great discounts with other services and products.